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Madison Academy of Music offers high quality music education by the international team of music teachers, who are themselves performing artists and established musicians.

Benjamin Britten said: ‘Music does not excite until it is performed’ and another famous composer said that ‘Music is a performing art… It isn’t there in the score’. Therefore, we truly believe in supporting students of different age groups and levels in their passion for music as well as giving them a platform to showcase their skills. Our students have plenty of performance opportunities, from regular studio concerts and term recitals, to local and international music festival and competitions. They exceed at the music examinations and feel confident in taking auditions to achieve new heights in their musical journeys.

Madison Academy of Music provides the following Individual Music Lessons:







Madison Academy of Music offers Group Classes in several subjects:

  • Music Theory & Aural Classes

  • Voice Ensemble

  • Children Chorus

  • Theatre & Acting Classes

  • Music Appreciation Classes for toddlers

  • Artistic Excellence & Mastery Course for advanced students


The curriculum is especially designed for different age groups and levels: from the very young beginners to Diploma and advanced level students.


It is important for us to find an individual approach for each student in order to suit diverse range of learning styles: whether you are a music lover and prefer to learn an instrument or signing for leisure, or an ambitious competition player, the dedicated team of pedagogues is here for you to support your passion!

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