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Ani Umedyan

Image by Philip Myrtorp


A versatile and bright chamber musician and solo artist with a wide range of repertoire Ani is originally   from  Armenia   but   based   in   Singapore   as   her   second   home.  Ani   graduated Yerevan State Conservatory with Master's degree in 2004 where she started teaching in Chamber Music Faculty same year. She had successful concerts in EU, Australia,Middle East, Asia as a Soloist,Chamber musician and Orchestra player. The collaboration with famous musicians had a big impact on her as mentors and  stage partners. Prof. B. Vardanyan (Armenia),  Philippe   Graffin   (France),   Maria   Egelhoff   (Germany),   Charles Avsharian   (USA),   Andrea   Bocelli   (Italy),   Michaela   Martin (Romania).  In  Singapore, Ani  is  a  co-founder  of  the "Armenian Heritage Ensemble", and a co-founder of Triolah Piano Trio, having performed with both ensembles extensively across Asia. Beautiful production of !Piazzolla!Not only tango! led by Ani brought the team to notable festivals in Malaysia and Philippines. With her long time stage partner pianist Kseniia Vokhmiianina the Duo had more than hundreds of performances at all venues across the Asia.

As an active and highly experienced teacher Ani is nurturing her students to get their diplomas and ace their music competitions successfully. She is happy to see the growth of her beloved students achieving the finest musicianship.

In addition to her music career Ani is also a mosaic artist and a long time volunteer of Armenian Church Singapore.

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