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Daria Rotast

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I was told that I would be a singer as soon as I was born, in the hospital. Of course, I did not believe it when it came time to choose a profession, but life put everything in its place. I graduated from the Gnessin Academy of Music in Moscow and I have been singing all my life. Music is a great miracle, and I think it is so important to share it. Like many singers, my musical path began in the church at school, then the priest took me by the hand to the Conservatory to study, and then tours, theatres, a wonderful time studying in Italy with belcanto masters at the Fiesole Conservatory, my own ensemble, my own choir, my own theatery.  And of course, my own children. I have three children, and as a mother I know how great it is when a child listens to good music from childhood. It is extremely important for a child's development and there are many studies on this subject confirming this fact.


Daria is teaching individual voice lessons, voice ensemble as well as children chorus at the Madison Academy of Music. She also actively participates as a singer in the Symphony of Motherhood concert series organised in collaboration with the Academy. 

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